Lot & Garonne, Holiday House

2020-04-10 26°C
2020-04-11 23°C
2020-04-12 18°C
2020-04-13 20°C
2020-04-14 22°C

Summer Weather

Expect mainly hot summers - anything from 24 - 35 degrees C.  The evenings are usually balmy, but be ready a summer storm or two to break the heat!

As the house is on a hill you generally get some movement of air, so even when hot you can always find a cool spot!


Spring & Autumn Weather

Expect some hot weather, with cooler evenings (just right for the log burning stove!) close to the summer months.

Earlier in the spring and later autumn you will usually have cooler weather, but often even into December it is warm enough to sit out for meals.


Winter Weather

Winter weather is often cold and clear.  Wonderful for bracing walks and great to com home to a cosy house with the added luxury of the log burning stove!

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